The Society supports, promotes and at times champions campaigns that are in line with our objectives:

  • To defend and promote the freedom of the media and to champion the universal right to freedom of expression
  • To represent members’ interests in all matters of editorial and professional concern and interest
  • To monitor legislation on matters affecting the news media either directly or indirectly and to make appropriate  representations to parliaments, regional assemblies, the European Commission and Parliament and other organisations and authorities at all levels of government and public life
  • To interpret legislation and advisory notices to other organisations
  • To provide a forum for discussion of the practical problems of editorship and to promote the objectives of the Company
  • To provide access to a network of professional contacts
  • To offer advice to members on issues of practical and ethical concern and to support other bodies in promoting standards in journalism, the independence of the media and self-regulation
  • To help improve the quality of journalism through the active support of education and training
  • To represent the UK’s senior journalists internationally, assisting editors abroad to establish independence and ethical standards.