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Meta’s approach to D&I

Meta is proud to focus on building and empowering its internal community. When it comes to diversity and inclusion, the company has a three-pronged strategy: find, grow and keep. When building for the world, Meta believes it has to make sure it is reflective of that world. In 2019 the company laid out its ambitious 50 in 5 goal: by 2024, 50% of Meta’s global workforce will consist of women and under-represented groups. At the time of the announcement, people from under-represented groups accounted for 43% of the company’s staff. Today, that number is up to 45.3%. Meta has since committed to both a 30% increase in people of colour in leadership positions, and specifically a 30% increase in Black people in leadership positions.

The company believes that its partners should also reflect the people and communities it serves, and so it is focusing on supporting diverse suppliers that do business with Meta and the communities it connects them with. It’s also setting a goal to spend at least $1 billion with diverse suppliers next year and every year thereafter. As part of this, the company will spend at least $100 million annually with Black-owned suppliers, from facilities construction to marketing agencies and more.

Ultimately, Meta wants to make sure that it embraces a culture that empowers its teams to speak up. It believes that it’s not enough to hire diversity, it must harness the power of diversity. If you hire people with diverse backgrounds but you have a culture where no one can speak out, you don’t get the benefits.



Camelot is a place where employees can thrive – with a diverse and inclusive workforce who feel proud about the work they do, valued in their roles and engaged to be their best.

Camelot wants to be representative of the whole of the UK in how it operates The National Lottery. Just as its players are from diverse backgrounds and communities, so are its employees. It values a culture that embraces difference, and enables people to be themselves and to participate fully.

Whatever their age, ability or disability, sex, racial/ethnic background, religion or culture, sexual orientation, gender identity, marital or parental status, Camelot’s employees are critical to its success – so it’s important that it continues to make further progress as an inclusive and supportive employer. 

With the full support and commitment of its Executive Team, Camelot has a number of established employee networks – including its Women’s Network, Pride Network, Parents’ Network and Culture Network. All of these communities have the autonomy to connect and engage with the organisation on matters that are important to them – whether that’s building awareness and education, celebrating the rich tapestry of its workforce, or driving change and action within the business.

Camelot’s employee networks 

Culture Community: Camelot’s Culture Community was formed to help foster an environment where voices of different cultures and races can be heard and celebrated. Camelot has a rich array of people from different cultures and backgrounds and, with this network, it is facilitating representation across the business. Camelot also wants to create a safe space to share concerns as well and to build a network where a diverse group of people can be the best of themselves.

Pride Network: Set up by employees, Camelot’s Pride Network is made up of employees from across the business, those who identify as LGBTQ+ and those who don’t. The network meets on a monthly basis to discuss what more can be done to address any challenges and raise awareness of associated issues.

Women’s Network: Camelot Women’s Network provides a space for all employees regardless of gender, who are interested in discussing and learning more about women’s issues both inside and outside of the workplace. Its aim is to create an inclusive platform for employees to share ideas, experiences and support; celebrate Camelot’s current activities in creating an inclusive environment for women; and act as a forum for Camelot employees, to learn and understand the variety and breadth of women’s issues currently being exposed in the world and how to get involved, to make a difference.

Parents’ Network: During the first lockdown, a group of Camelot parents joined together to create a working parenting community to support and share experiences with each other. To help parents during the pandemic, Camelot ran events such as virtual afterschool clubs for children of employees.

Mental Health First Aiders: Camelot supports and prioritises the mental health of its employees. It has a network of Metal Health First Aiders from across all business areas who are the point of contact for any employee who is experiencing a mental health issue or some form of emotional distress. Each member has been fully trained and holds the Mental Health First Aid England certificate.

Other recent initiatives 

In September 2020, Camelot launched its first Place To Be You week, in line with National Inclusion Week. This very successful event featured panels run by Camelot’s networks, guest speakers on parenting, female leaders, and sessions on topics including cultural events and neurodiversity. The Place To Be You week ran for a second time in September 2022 and is now a firm fixture of Camelot’s annual employee events. 

Like most other organisations, Camelot also reflected on the death of George Floyd and the Black Lives Matter movement in 2020. By running focus groups and team sessions to talk about race in the workplace, insightful and powerful discussions helped employees to consider what more the business can do as an inclusive employer to respond in a positive way.

One output has been the establishment of an organisation-wide working group, tasked with implementing a three-year plan for Camelot, as the operator of The National Lottery, to ensure that the brand truly reflects the diversity of its players and the hundreds of thousands of Good Cause projects it helps to fund across the UK.

For more information go to www.camelotgroup.co.uk/careers/why-camelot/diversity/