Despite long-established legislation around gender equality, the gender pay gap and the under-representation of women at senior levels have been acknowledged. Women are also sometimes under-represented in media categories traditionally viewed as male-oriented. We highlight a selection of initiatives that aim to proactively support women.

Evening Standard women’s development programmes

The Evening Standard has implemented a series of women’s development programmes to ensure women’s voices are heard at every level and now more women than ever are represented at senior levels.

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Financial Times

The FT is proud to be a partner of 50:50 The Equality Project, which is committed to inspiring organisations around the globe to consistently create journalism and media content that fairly represents our world.

Our annual Women of the Year series is both a celebration of achievement and a lens through which to understand the changing nature of leadership and power.

Women at the Top, the FT’s flagship event on gender diversity and inclusion in business, held twice a year, in Europe and the Americas, gives leaders practical tips and examples of how to improve the representation of women at the highest level and create inclusive work cultures.

The FT is a proud signatory of the Menopause Workplace Pledge and has rolled out paid leave globally to support employees if they are experiencing symptoms. Ten annual days of paid leave are available for those with menopausal symptoms, menstrual health and/or reproductive health issues. In the UK, Peppy Health, a new service, extends the FT’s healthcare support.

In November 2020, the FT published a comprehensive Transgender Inclusion Policy, the first major media company in the UK to do so. The policy contains guidance for staff and managers on supporting colleagues at all stages of transition, and a new provision for medical leave to allow for gender affirmative surgery and recuperation. This leave can be used by all colleagues for similar medical leave requirements.

FT Women is the FT’s employee network running events and networking opportunities to educate, empower and advance all working professionals at the FT and beyond.

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Guardian News & Media

GNM is committed to reducing gender pay gaps across the organisation, and is working at a country level to report and take action on gender equality, including achieving a 50:50 gender balance in the top half of the organisation.

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News UK Sun Sport Vikki Orvice Scholarship, Women in Tech network and women’s steering group

The Sun Sport Vikki Orvice Scholarship helps women move into reporting. News UK also supports the employee-led Women in Tech network and consults with the group on policy changes and the business’s actions, while the company’s women’s steering group works to ensure women are supported at all stages of life and aims to close the gender pay gap.

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Reach PLC ReachEquality

The ReachEquality inclusion network at Reach PLC champions women and works to develop a fair and balanced workplace and eliminate the gender pay gap.

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