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FA chairman calls for greater respect for journalists

05 April 2017


The Society of Editors has welcomed comments by the FA chairman calling for more respect to be given to journalists doing their jobs.

Speaking in the wake of criticism of David Moyes for threatening to “slap” a BBC reporter for questioning him on a subject he did not like, Greg Clarke accused the Sunderland manager of showing a complete “lack of respect” to the reporter.

Clarke, who has no input in any disciplinary process against Moyes for his comments, criticised Moyes alongside a recent trend in journalists being treated badly while doing their jobs.

He said: “We’re getting into a trend of people treating journalists doing their jobs badly, and I would like to see that stop,” he said.

“Respect is respect for everybody. If a person wants to interview you, the least you could do is treat them with a bit of respect.

“I’ve been seeing that more and more: people storming off and being facetious and insulting. I just think, on that level, it has to stop as well.

“The disciplinary team will crack down on people who break the rules and they will decide whether the rules have been broken and what an appropriate sanction would be.

“There’s a professional woman trying to do a job – and not an easy job – and she’s asking appropriate questions in a respectful manner, and I think she deserves respectful responses – not responses like that.”

The Society of Editors, which represents more than 400 members in national, regional, local and broadcast news welcomed the comments and said that journalists should expect to be able to carry out their jobs without fear of abuse.

The Society said: “We welcome Greg Clarke’s comments today and reiterate his call for more respect to be given to journalists undertaking their role.”  

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