Journalism Matters Campaign Launched

Posted on: May 14, 2019 by admin

This week, a new campaign Journalism Matters has been launched by the News Media Association to highlight the importance of trusted journalism.

In a statement announcing the campaign, NMA Chairman David Dinsmore asked for readers to re-evaluate the essential role media journalism plays in a society which is often hostile to journalists across the world.  

Dinsmore issued the following statement: “The ability of journalists to speak truth to power is one of the most precious freedoms in our democratic society.”

Picking up on the latest attack on press freedom, Dinsmore elucidated: “In a number of ways, the serious threat to freedom of speech is right here on our doorstep”. Referring to the murder of journalist Lyra McKee in Northern Ireland last month, the NMA chair’s words acted as a reminder that the freedoms of journalists and their right to a voice cannot be taken for granted.

He added: “As an industry, we have to counter this by communicating the considerable benefits that journalism produces for society.” Dinsmore ended his statement by thanking readers for their support of journalism and prompted its continuation in upholding the democratic pillars of our society.

The Society of Editors welcomed the campaign as an important step in the fight back by real journalism against fake news and those who seek to undermine trust in the media.

“It is all too easy for those who seek to silence the truth to present an image of journalism being irrelevant or working against the common good. Yet the very opposite is true,” commented Society of Editors executive director Ian Murray.

“The NMA’s Journalism Matters campaign is an important and vital component in the battle to win back hearts and minds and remind the public of the truly positive role the media plays in their lives.”

To voice your thoughts on the importance of local journalism to democracy, use the hashtag #JournalismMatters on Twitter.

As part of this week, the Making a Difference award for a publicly-voted influential local campaign will be awarded at the Society’s Regional Press Awards on Friday. To vote, follow this link.

To read Dinsmore’s article in full, click here.