Magazine of the year: Spotlight on this year’s shortlisted entries

Posted on: September 15, 2021 by admin

 This award recognises the growth in the quality of monthly or regular standalone magazines and seeks to reward one of the outstanding success stories of the regional press. The magazine must be produced as part of a stable of products from a regional news publisher. Entries were judged on outstanding content, design, use of photography and readability.


The Shortlist 


Carlisle Living

Carlisle Living is a vibrant magazine centred on featuring city life with a strong focus on the creative arts and culture scene and the unique character of Carlisle. The magazine follows the city’s revolution in food and drink led by entrepreneurs and innovators, while being packed with history at the same time. It is  full of expertly written content and columnists who offer varying views on this wonderful city.

What the judges said:

“Excellent entry with lots of detail, A lively, informative magazine with great use of photography. I particularly loved the tattoo story and image.Vibrant, modern and packed with brilliant features.”



Courier Weekend, Scotland

The 48 pages in Courier Weekend are filled with faces and places as they tell the stories of their area, past and present. From the theft of Robert Burns’ skull to the impact of Covid-19 on a post-pandemic world, each Saturday the magazine offers a variety of quality content from news features to adventure, historical stories to the stories of today and tomorrow. Impressively Courier Weekend actually increased its pagination in lockdown and, along with The Courier itself, achieved one of the most resilient circulation performances in the UK in a very difficult year.

What the judges said:

“Powerful imagery yet handled sensitively – quality throughout. It is clear the team work hard to keep their  readers informed and entertained.”



Dumfries and Galloway Life

In these uncertain times, there’s never been a greater need to celebrate the best of local communities, to be there for readers and to bring comfort, joy, and hope of better days to come. Dumfries & Galloway Life, worked harder than ever to do this, holding up a mirror to all that is good about the region, and producing a high quality magazine with outstanding content, seductive imagery, and an aspirational reputation that has made local people, celebrities and politicians want to be featured in it.


What the judges said:

“Dumfries and Galloway Life magazine is clearly at the heart of its community and does local really well, with positive angles and bold uses of photography throughout. Diverse cover stars and story themes were praised for relevance and impact.  



Herefordshire Living

Herefordshire Living is a glossy lifestyle magazine celebrating the best of the county – taking readers through the keyhole for a glimpse inside a selection of stunning interiors, while also shining a spotlight on the region’s fabulous food, drink, and less well-known success stories – from authors and actors to inspiring entrepreneurs.

What the judges said:

“A beautiful and slick publication with snappy headlines throughout, Herefordshire Living truly presents as THE go-to destination for living life to the full in the county.”



The Herald Magazine, Scotland

The Herald Magazine on Saturdays, describes itself as the crowing glory of its parent paper. The Herald Magazine  publishes big interviews such as with  author Tamsin Calidas who found sanctuary on a Scottish island, and their piece with former Irish president Mary McAleese, gave them a write-off on p1 of the paper.

What the judges said: :

“Chic and modern – just like the city it serves, The Herald Magazineprovides active ideas for readers and adapted well during the pandemic. Each issue is a blend of content topics with something for everyone.



Ulster Business

For more than three decades, Ulster Business has helped shape the discourse across the world of Northern Ireland business and commerce – from exclusive news, comment, interviews and analysis – profiling success stories.  It is Northern Ireland’s leading and highest-circulation monthly.

What the judges said:

“A bold business mag with impactful photo shoots and slick page editing throughout. An entertaining and definite guide to business in Northern Ireland, with varied storytelling formats that hold the reader’s interest well.”