Not What You Thought: introducing the SoE / Journo Resources Fellow

Posted on: September 9, 2020 by admin

“Everyone has an interesting relationship that needs sharing”

The coronavirus lockdown has taught us a lot about ourselves and those who we hold dear. From household bubbles to maintaining long-distance relationships, how we interact with those around us is always on the news agenda.

Today, we meet the recipient of the SoE-sponsored Journo Resources fellowship, Heather Graham, who speaks to us about her website – Not What You Thought – which examines different relationships. 

The two-month long fellowship has been set up to assist those who are making their first steps into the journalism industry following the uncertainty brought by the coronavirus crisis. It offers fellows one-to-one mentoring, workshops, CV reviews, and paid writing opportunities. Fellows will also be given the chance to produce at least one paid piece for the soon to be relaunched Journo Resources’ advice section.

Introducing her project, Heather says: 

Not What You Thought was created during lockdown when my hope of a graduate job was dwindling. I post a new article fortnightly and I’m always on the lookout for new stories (feel free to get in touch!). It all started when I realised that everyone has an interesting relationship that needs sharing, whether it’s about their partner, their kids or their beliefs.

“I’ve covered several topics, most recently adoption, where I interviewed a girl who was left in a Chinese market 20 years ago, which was really insightful. In the past, I’ve written about all things romance, from asexuality and polyamory to selling nudes and kink raves, and I have also dealt with sensitive issues including separation, cancer and death. 

“Thanks to the Society of Editors and Journo Resources I am hoping to expand my contacts pool widely and continue to write about what I love; this is just the beginning!”

Heather can be contacted via Twitter and on her website