Online national news brands gain extra 3 million daily readers

Posted on: December 9, 2020 by admin

National news brands’ daily online readership grew by an extra three million people compared to the same period last year, according to the latest PAMCo data.

This brings the total readership for national daily digital readership to 21 million, with much of that growth being driven by mobile readership.

Over the past year, the daily readership of national news brands via mobile devices has increased by 17%.

These daily digital numbers increase to 32 million – up 30% year-on-year – when the UK’s key regionals are in included in the figures.

Jo Allan, managing director at Newsworks, said: “With an extra three million daily digital readers compared to last year we continue to see incredibly strong growth across our national news brands.

“This positive trend has been consistent throughout the year and once again demonstrates the nation’s appetite for trusted, accurate and reliable news sources throughout the pandemic.”

Overall national news brands reach 47 million people a month, 43 million a week and 27 million Britons a day.

Merging data from the UK’s key regional titles, that numbers rise to 49 million people a month, 47 million a week and 37 million a day across all platforms.

*Please note the print data has not been updated since the PAMCo 2 2020 data release. Due to Covid-19, face-face interviewing was suspended on 17th March 2020 and Newsworks has been unable to collect April – September 20 print readership estimates. The PAMCo Board, therefore, requested that PAMCo 4 2020 data be released using the same print audience estimates as for PAMCo 2 2020 but fused with the latest Comscore data for September 2020.

This article first appeared on Newsworks.