Society of Editors expresses concern over exclusionary Tory party campaign tour as the Mirror is refused access

Posted on: November 21, 2019 by admin

The Society of Editors has expressed concern over reports that the Mirror has been excluded from media being given access to the official the Tory party election campaign tour.

The paper has reportedly been barred from the party’s campaign battle bus press contingent.

Last night, Ian Murray, executive director at the Society of Editors commented: ” This is a disturbing development. The Society does not support any political cause but does believe in and campaign for press freedom and the public’s right to know. All mainstream media should be given equal access to the political parties fighting this election. To restrict some media voices is not acceptable nor compatible with the principle of media freedom.”

Murray added that at a time of an election it was crucial political parties allowed all sides of the debate to be present and report their actions.

“Plurality of the media is a defence against one voice taking control of the message regardless of what that voice is. It is essential the public is allowed to witness broad coverage of the debate.”