Society praises journalists covering Israel-Gaza conflict

Posted on: October 12, 2023 by Claire Meadows

The Society of Editors has praised journalists covering the Israel-Gaza conflict saying that many continue to put their lives at risk to report on behalf of the public (including the BBC’s International Editor Jeremy Bowen, pictured, reporting live earlier this week from the Gaza border). 

Speaking in the wake of the Committee to Protect Journalists (CPJ) reporting that 7 reporters worldwide had already lost their lives since the outbreak of fighting on 7 October, Dawn Alford, Executive Director of the Society, highlighted the important role that the press plays in reporting from conflict zones and the heightened risk they put themselves at in doing so. 

She said: “In the past week we have seen UK newsrooms provide around-the-clock coverage of the conflict in Israel and Gaza and many have now joined newsrooms worldwide in dispatching staff members to report live from the conflict zone.

“Journalists have a vital role to play in providing the public with accurate news and information on the conflict and this is even more important given the deluge of fake posts and misinformation that continues to spread on social media.

“Alongside the rights of civilians, we call on all those involved in the fighting in Israel and Gaza to protect journalists, avoid deliberate attacks against them and respect their vital role reporting on behalf of the public.”

According to the CPJ, in the first five days of fighting, at least seven journalists were killed, two were missing and two injured. In the same period, the conflict claimed the lives of 1,200 Israelis and 1,100 Palestinians and resulted in injuries to many thousands more.