Back to School for latest All in, All together partnership

Posted on: September 3, 2020 by admin

As schools across England reopen this week, the latest branded content has been published in newspapers and online to reassure parents of the government’s approach to safety in schools.

The latest advertising in the All in, All together government campaign with the news media highlights the measures taken to ensure learning can recommence.

National titles and regional dailies ran the sponsored content last Friday, with weeklies running the content in editions throughout the return to school this week.

The Times

Papers tailored the government advice to their readership, with The Times (above) looking at the initiatives taken by individual schools to bring back normality for students once more.

This included a case study on a primary school in Southwark which had already trialled opening to half of its 485 pupils in June as useful preparation for the back-to-school efforts this month.

Daily Mail

The latest content explored the important transition from primary school to secondary school despite the crisis. Hearing from health experts, the article looked at parents’ concerns about the risks to children’s health when returning to school for the first time since lockdown.

The feature also included new ways to travel to school safely – minimising use of public transport and encouraging walking, scooters and bikes.

Eastern Daily Press and Yorkshire Post

Norfolk daily, the Eastern Daily Press (pictured top), was among the regional titles carrying sponsored content looking at how schools were taking safety-first measures to keep students in school.

The public information feature (such as the Yorkshire Post’s below) also evaluated the consequences of time away from the classroom for students, to consider aspects such as mental well-being and social interaction as well as future education prospects.


Online examples of the initiative can be found via the Evening Standard and The Daily Telegraph.

Pictures thanks to Newsworks.