Photographer of the Year: Nominees

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News and feature pictures are eligible. Judges are looking for versatility, technical skill and the ability to capture the news picture that matters.

The Shortlist

Ben Birchall, PA Media

The judges said: “Capturing that moment as the statue teetered on the edge and then went into the water was a moment of sheer perfection. Coupled with a fantastic shot of flood victims being moved and the tragic but beautifully composed shot of the three Covid victims’ funeral. Amazing work.”

Toppling of the statue of Edward Colston in Bristol 
Monmouth flooding in the aftermath of Storm Dennis
The reality of Covid-19: the funeral of a mother and her sons. Father Philip Leyshon (left) and Father Haydn England Simon wearing PPE face visors as they stood beside the coffins of Gladys, Dean and Darren Lewis the evening before their funeral service at St Peter’s Church in Pentre, South Wales.

Dylan Martinez, Reuters

The judges said: “Strong compelling pictures. Without this shot of Patrick Hutchinson, his story would never have been told. Such an amazing image that captured the importance of the race debate in this country.”

Patrick Hutchinson carrying an injured counter-protester to safety during a Black Lives Matter demonstration in central London.
The Pink Super Moon juxtaposed behind The Shard.
Police taking cover as a firework explodes during violent clashes in Westminster as BLM protesters clash with police and counter protesters.

Hannah McKay, Reuters

The judges said: “Cleverly composed pictures and a style that you can recognise. McKay captures the poignant moments and times of conflict brilliantly. She frames her subjects as if they are the characters in a painting.”

Donald Trump with a turkey at the US election.
Black Lives Matters protest in the Whitehall.
Premature baby Theo who was born at 28 weeks and weighing 2lb 4oz, at a Neonatal Intensive Care Unit at a hospital in northern England, during the peak of the Covid crisis.

Henry Nicholls, Thomson Reuters

The judges said: “The picture of Cummings is now iconic. Beautifully constructed, brilliantly captured and thought provoking – Nicholls delivered it in style. The Brexit night picture is a stunning still and the mask anti vax woman is disturbing. Really interesting selection.”

The day Dominic Cummings resigned as advisor to Prime Minister Boris Johnson.
Brexit: The evening of January 31 when Britain formally left the EU.
An anonymous woman improperly wearing several protective masks as a disguise during a protest against the coronavirus lockdown and vaccine in London.

Hollie Adams, Bloomberg

The judges said: “Adams’ imagination and determination shines through in her selection. A different spin on the same subjects makes her images unique and pleasantly refreshing. The Dominic Cummings photo summed up such a huge moment in political and Covid coverage.”

A robot that is helping strawberries grow under artificial light.
Capturing the empty streets of London from a bus during the UK lockdown.
An isolated figure standing alone in Whitehall: departure of Dominic Cummings.

Philip Coburn, Daily Mirror

The judges said: “Incredibly powerful pictures looking at the brutality of humanity. Coburn has captured quality, hard-hitting, real life situations with expressions that bring each story to life with emotion and meaning.”

The 75th Anniversary of the Liberation of Auschwitz: 94-year-old Igor Malickij, a former prisoner at the concentration camp, attending a wreath laying ceremony by the ‘Death Wall’ at Auschwitz-Birkenau in Poland.
A child refugee in Calais, among half a dozen families at a make-shift camp having fled religious persecution in Iran.
9-year-old Salah al Wahbei at a limb fitting ward in a hospital in Marib, Yemen. Salah lost his lower left leg when he stood on an anti-personnel mine while he was outside playing with his brothers near his home.