In the run up to the Regional Press Awards for 2019, the Society of Editors launched an online campaign to highlight the tremendous work of local press.

Marking the start of the campaign in June 2020, a video short was launched to be shared on social media platforms to amplify the important work of regional journalism.

The campaign asked readers, supporters and journalists to share what you love about your local paper using the hashtag #LoveLocalMedia on Twitter. 

It could be a picture with your local newspaper, sharing the link to your favourite article of the week, or a campaign you feel has really made a difference to a community.

In this ongoing campaign, don’t forget to use the hashtag #LoveLocalMedia and tag @EditorsUK in your posts. 

A compilation of the support voiced for local journalism in the week of June 19 can be found here

Executive Director of the SoE, Ian Murray commented: “The regional press has never been more needed and recent events have shown how vital a role it plays in our communities. The Regional Press Awards are our way of shining a light on the tremendous excellence that exists in the journalism created by local titles.”

You can still share the campaign video here today.