inews launches My New Normal series covering effect of Covid-19

Posted on: April 1, 2020 by Claire Meadows

inews has launched a new opinion series covering the effect that Covid-19 is having on everyday people’s lives.  

The series will focus on how readers’ lives, routines and minds have changed during the coronavirus outbreak.

The first piece, written by iNews staffer Josh Barrie, provides a light-hearted look at how, with hairdressers closed, the public is resorting to having to cut their own hair amid the crisis.

Speaking to the Society of Editors, Aimee Meade, Deputy Online Comment Editor at iNews said that the series intended to bring a light-hearted angle to the current uncertainty that readers were facing.  

She said: “In the series My New Normal we want to hear how lives and minds have changed during the coronavirus outbreak – and if people plan on keeping it up post-lockdown.

“The idea behind it was to bring a lighter-hearted angle to the coronavirus coverage and give insight into how individuals are adapting or adopting hobbies, habits and routines. Every single one of us is affected by this outbreak in some way and we want to remind readers of that.

“Throughout the series we will be hearing from people from all walks of life – on how they have accepted their thinning hair, are cooking three-course meals every night, have learnt to embrace uncertainty, adopted a dog, have left London for good and have found new ways to practice their religion. Plus much more. If you’d like to tell us about you new normality email with ‘my new normal’ in the subject line.”

The series can be found here.