ITV News Editor Rachel Corp: behind-the-scenes reporting the crisis

Posted on: April 15, 2020 by admin

The acting editor of ITV News, Rachel Corp, has shared her view of how broadcast media is adapting to delivering news during the coronavirus outbreak.

In a blog post to be read by viewers, Corp discusses how her special correspondents are reaching people at the heart of the Covid-19 crisis. She also outlines the creative measures ITV news is taking to film and conduct interviews without breaking the government-mandated social distancing regulations.

Corp writes on the collective efforts to inform the public: “Coronavirus is totally different – this is not something we report for a while then leave, coming back to the safety of our homes. We are living this together.

“It will continue to change and throw up new challenges, but in the meantime, we stay committed to playing our part, keeping ITV News on air to give you the latest information and advice, the tough stories but also the ones that can give us hope and show us the best of how the UK is coming together to tackle this crisis.”

Read Rachel Corp’s blog post in full here.