Journalists from all sectors of the media encourage readers to #buyapaper

Posted on: April 7, 2020 by Claire Meadows

Journalists from all sectors of the media have been using Twitter to encourage readers to #buyapaper.

The #buyapaper campaign, originally launched in January 2019 by JPIMedia to support the industry, has seen journalists from national, regional and local newspapers, magazines and broadcasting, encourage readers to support struggling print titles during the ongoing coronavirus pandemic.

Many journalists are using the hashtag to highlight the vital work that newspapers are undertaking in keeping the public informed with timely news and updates during a period which has seen advertising revenue plummet and a number of publishers forced to furlough significant numbers of staff.  

The important role of the industry in providing updates has been recognised by the government and journalists across the media have been afforded ‘key worker’ status during the crisis.

Following the news that Prime Minister Boris Johnson had been admitted to Intensive Care yesterday, The Sun’s Political Editor Tom Newton-Dunn highlighted the task that was facing journalists in reporting on Covid-19.  

He said: “Thus ends another extraordinary, harrowing and difficult day in journalism. All of us working on newspapers at the moment are doing our level best to provide trusted information about the #covid19 crisis. Please support our industry and #buyapaper.”

The hashtag has been used for a number of weeks now to rally support around the industry and encourage readers to support struggling titles. Journalists joining the campaign work for titles across a number of publishers including News UK, DMG Media, JPI Media, Reach, Newsquest and Archant.

Matt Lawton, Chief Sports Reporter for The Times has used the campaign to highlight the public interest journalism being produced under difficult circumstances.

He said: “Why do we need newspapers? At the weekend our newspapers revealed that the owners of the ExCel were charging the NHS and Scotland’s chief medical officer was visiting her second home. So, please, keep buying papers. #buyapaper”

The Lancashire Post’s Editor Gillian Parkinson also called on readers to support local: “Don’t forget to #buyapaper to keep up with the news – and to support a local business through the coronavirus crisis. We promise to keep going whatever happens!”

Scottish Sun Sports Reporter Robert Thomson said: “Choice for people right now is stark – proper journalism holding the powerful to account or a future of only the batshit crazy opinions (and often more sinister planted fakery) on Facebook masquerading as news. #buyapaper”

BBC Newsdesk editor Neil Henderson has also highlighted the difficulties facing the industry: “The newspaper industry is in massive trouble. Ad spend has plummeted and many journalists are being ‘furloughed’ or just fired. Reporting is vital in our society – arguably now more than ever. If you’re passing a shop on your walk today, please #buyapaper”

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