Manchester Evening News spotlights black and brilliant Mancunians today

Posted on: October 7, 2020 by admin

The Manchester Evening News has shone a light on the brilliant black Mancunians making history in the present day as part of its celebration of Black History Month.

The feature compiled by MEN journalist Ramazani Mwamba seeks to highlight activists, scientists, professionals, campaigners, athletes and writers who have made their mark in a city famous for its export of ideas and industry.

Figures celebrated in the list include Shirley May, a renowned poet and key figure in Manchester’s literary scene; Diane Modahl MBE, athlete and four-time Olympic competitor who is CEO of a sports foundation for young people in disadvantaged areas; and Abdullah Muhsin Norris, a member of the Windrush generation who has dedicated his life to community work.

The list, Mwamba tells readers, is a snapshot of the common spirit of innovation, enterprise and social justice that makes Greater Manchester what it is.

In previous years the regional daily has marked Black History Month by celebrating historic figures such as Len Johnson, the Clayton-born boxer and political activist who attended the Fifth Pan-African Conference and Louise Da-Cocodia, the nurse and campaigner who fought for the city’s communities.

Mwamba is still accepting submissions for a second spotlight series to be released later this month. He told the SoE, “I want to create something that celebrates the contributions black people are making to society today.

“Black people are incredible, and we don’t have to look at the history books to remind us that. 

“They’re out there right now, doing the work, helping and inspiring.”

Read the feature here.

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