Reach local titles to support black-owned businesses this weekend

Posted on: October 2, 2020 by admin

Reach news sites across the UK are calling on readers to nominate local black-owned businesses to help champion the work of Britain’s black entrepreneurs.

For Black Pound Day on October 3, Reach’s regional websites and papers will run the campaign #IAMBOB. It aims to promote the success stories of black-owned businesses – from start-ups to large corporates – and retweet hundreds of businesses to the newsbrands’ followers.

The initiative will seek to support the growth of the UK’s black economy and comes as the Britain enters Black History Month in October.

Lynda Moyo (pictured), Head of What’s On & Emerging Content for Reach Plc Regionals told the SoE about how the initiative came about:

“It’s important to the company that all our readers feel seen and heard. I’ve spoken many times about the need for greater diversity in both our newsrooms and our content, plus the importance of backing words with actions.

“The organisers of Black Pound Day have been building traction with the initiative and clearly want it to become wide-spread, beyond just London. As the largest regional news publisher in the UK, we felt it wouldn’t take much for us to support their efforts and it could really make a big difference to a lot of peoples’ lives.”

This month’s Black Pound Day will take place on Saturday October 3, having been launched as a monthly event in June 2020 to promote the UK black economy’s growth instigated by musician DJ Swiss.

Moyo continued, “It’s not about favouring anyone, but rather shining a light where it’s perhaps needed most given the weight our black communities have had to bear this year with Covid-19 and systemic racism being headline news.

“We hope #IAMBOB is just the start of us continuing to support and be the voice for underrepresented communities.”

To take part in #IAMBOB, Reach is asking readers to tweet @BusinessLive and their local Live site from Friday 2 to Sunday 4 October with nominations.

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