Roundup: Yorkshire Evening Post marks end of clap for carers; plus MailForce’s latest delivery

Posted on: May 28, 2020 by Mariella Brown

The Yorkshire Evening Post has sent a special message to those who have supported the Leeds community during what its editor has described as ‘the darkest of days’.

In recognition of the ‘clap for carers’ initiative coming to an end today (May 28), the paper’s front page splash ‘Forever grateful’ showed a mural in the city created to honour the NHS and all key workers.

The paper also shone a spotlight on its city’s unsung Health Heroes with features to mark the work of individuals in Leeds which have previously been unrecorded.

In a comment, YEP editor Laura Collins said, “No words can truly express the gratitude this city has for its army of keyworkers who have guarded the frontline during this darkest of times.

“Hundreds of people have cruelly lost their lives to the silent assassin in Leeds – leaving behind their heartbroken families and friends to cope with the overwhelming sense of grief and loss in a time of isolation.

“Their gratitude will always be with those doctors and nurses who sat by their bedsides and held the hands of their loved ones as they took their last breath.

“And for the many people who have recovered from coronavirus they will forever be indebted to those selfless medics who saved their lives.

“It started as a simple gesture.

“But every week thousands of people have taken to their doorsteps in a display of gratitude to those NHS workers.

“And over the weeks the sea of support has snowballed to every single person classed as a keyworker supporting our city’s fight against the savage pandemic.

“Today as we mark the final clap for our tremendous keyworkers the Yorkshire Evening Post echoes the sentiments of so many across Leeds.

“To our unsung heroes we salute you – we will always be forever grateful for your sacrifice.

“Thank you.”

Mail Force lands a million masks for NHS as reader donations grow

Mail Force, the Daily Mail charity set up to assist the PPE sourcing for frontline workers has airlifted one million masks from China in the latest drive for protective equipment funded by the paper.

The publication’s front page today (May 28) documented the arrival of a 12-ton cargo shipment which the paper says marks the start of a new and steady supply of surgical masks until July. 

Last week saw donations to Mail Force surpass £8million since the initiative was launched in April.

The appeal, which counts actress Emma Thompson and the Duchess of Cornwall among its supporters, has also been backed by international donors from Salesforce and Michael Bloomberg, former mayor of New York.

Thanking the paper and readers for their donations, chief executive of the NHS Sir Simon Stevens said yesterday evening, “On behalf of everyone across the NHS, huge thanks to Mail Force for this invaluable practical support. It’s been an enormous boost, coming on top of the Government’s efforts to get us the kit we in the NHS need.”

Last week, an arrival of a £500,000 convoy of surgical gowns by Mail Force came from Turkey to aid the NHS’s supply.

The paper has said it will ensure that substantial volumes of its sourced supplies will be directed to the adult care sector and to charities, which are reported to be facing greater difficulties in sourcing PPE for care worker staff.