Tortoise turn the spotlight on the media itself during Covid-19 crisis

Posted on: May 11, 2020 by admin

With the media almost as much in the spotlight as the government during the Covid-19 crisis, slow news publisher Tortoise focused on the industry in a special series of targeted articles.

Features included Alastair Campbell discussing media management, Matt d’Ancona looking at the BBC and Jane Martinson spotlighting the future of the UK press.

Tortoise editor Polly Curtis said: “The media also faces an existential crisis, particularly at a time like the coronavirus pandemic, when a literal plague is being followed by an economic one. Newspapers and other news providers, already reeling from years of declining ad revenues and rising online threats, are likely to go bust.

“Last week’s Tortoise File – News Alert – is designed to capture this precise moment, as well as its ramifications for the future. How is the media standing up to the pandemic? Is it managing to do its job, asking the right questions, in the face of terrible challenges? What will be left of it afterwards?”

Links to articles included in the Tortoise File can be found here:

Matt d’Ancona on the BBC 

Jane Martinson on UK press 

Jeff Jarvis on US press 

Alastair Campbell on media management 

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