Belfast Telegraph to launch paywall next month

Posted on: April 28, 2020 by admin

Daily paper the Belfast Telegraph will launch a paywall next month to maintain and ‘invest in great journalism’ for its titles.

Readers will be asked to pay £2.50 per week to read news on the site; however, the paper says some content will remain free to read.

From May 19, the paper will launch its paywall in a campaign telling readers that ‘real stories are worth paying for’.

An announcement on the Belfast Telegraph website said, “Honest journalism you can trust is priceless.

“We have listened to our readers who have told us what is important to them: quality, impartial, trustworthy reporting and journalism on what matters most to the people of Northern Ireland.

“This means we will continue to invest in great journalism, great journalists and writers for our titles. To maintain this quality, we will launch a subscription service on

“We hope that you, like we do, will consider this worth paying for.”

The paper, owned by Independent News and Media, announced Eoin Brannigan as its new editor last week.

This news follows regional publisher Newsquest’s decision to add a partial paywall to its regional daily newspaper websites last week. Newsquest’s Editorial Development Director Toby Granville had however told the SoE that coverage of the Covid-19 crisis would remain free to access.