Eleanor Mills commends the Society’s work and future initiatives

Posted on: December 2, 2019 by admin

The Society of Editors spoke with influential figures from the news media industry about the importance of a free press in a free and democratic society and the significant roles that are played by the Society in helping to ensure that this right is protected. 

The Society first spoke with Eleanor Mills, Editorial Director of the Sunday Times, Editor of the Sunday Times Magazine and Chair of Women in Journalism about strategies for future-proofing the news media industry and the important role the Society of Editors plays in ensuring its vitality in an era of fake news and disinformation. 

Eleanor draws on her own experiences as a woman in the industry to outline why a more diverse and representative press is so important for the sustainability of the news media. 

Keep an eye on our website and twitter, @EditorsUK, this month for upcoming testimonials from more significant news media figures.