Journalists’ Charity reports surge in demands for its help during Covid-19

Posted on: April 21, 2020 by admin

The Journalists’ Charity has reported a surge in demand for its help during the present Covid-19 crisis.

The charity has approved more than £30,000 in financial assistance in the last two weeks alone as the crisis hits journalists and the media.

In an appeal for support from the industry, the charity reveals it has also organised online meet-ups to help journalists stay in touch and access assistance.

In a statement the charity said: “The Covid-19 outbreak has had an immediate and profound impact on journalists of all ages and backgrounds. Many have had commissions cancelled or work postponed indefinitely. While there’s the prospect of government support for some, not all journalists qualify and desperately need help.
“We’ve changed the way we work to deal with a huge increase in enquiries, making sure journalists get support as quickly as possible.”
The Charity has already produced a online guide to provide information on the ways in which journalists can access help via their Coronavirus guide.

The charity is also offering individual advice and guidance, supporting journalists to access benefits, government assistance packages, and other funds.

One grateful recipient of the charity’s help said: “It felt like we might lose everything, but the Journalists’ Charity helped us when we had nowhere else to turn, and I can’t say thank you enough.” Darren, 51, Glasgow.
More details on how to support the Journalists’ Charity can be found here.