Shropshire Star reporter wins Society of Editors Prize

Posted on: August 15, 2018 by admin



A reporter for the Shropshire Star has been awarded the Society of Editors prize as part of the July National Qualification in Journalism (NCJ).

The award, which acknowledges the best News Interview submitted as part of the qualification, was awarded to Keri Trigg.

Keri’s news interview exam was described as “error free” and “a great read” which was “well constructed”, “captured the drama of the incident” and contained “lots of salient facts”.

Keri, a former University of Sheffield student, said: “I was so happy to find out I had passed the NQJ first time, especially as I thought I might have failed the news interview exam – so to find out I had won the award in this category was a huge shock.

“One of my colleagues won the same award in the last sitting, so that must say something about the Shropshire Star and our trainer, Crispin Clark.”

Other winners included Kirstie Smith, of the Leamington Spa Courier who won the Esso news report award,  Isabella Cipirska, of the Worthing Herald, who won the media law award and Taz Ali, of the Eastern Daily Press, who took the Newsquest e-logbook award.

A full NQJ pass list is available from today at