Special Supplement: Spotlight on shortlisted entries

Posted on: September 15, 2021 by admin

Entries will be judged on outstanding content, design, use of photography and readability for a special supplement produced as a one-off to mark a special event or achievement, either with the newspaper or clearly linked to a local or regional paper.

Special Supplement of the Year

The Shortlist


150 years, Belfast Telegraph

The Belfast Telegraph has a history unlike that of other newspapers, and their 150th anniversary pullout did this history justice. Apart from its content, the commitment to produce it during lockdown and the boldness of its presentation across various platforms showed the newspaper is very much ready for the future.

What the  judges said:

“We liked the bold decision to run with an essay telling the story of the Belfast Telegraph. The history of the paper is the history of Northern Ireland and there was so much to learn in this look back. Congratulations to the team who must have agonised over what to include and what to leave out. A wonderful piece of work and a real collector’s item.”



Glastonbury 50, County Gazette

Each year, the global media descends on Somerset to cover Glastonbury Festival – and the humble ‘local’ is often marginalised. They were determined to change that, and wanted to offer their readers something different, exclusive and informative. The supplement, which was endorsed by Glastonbury Festival, went on to become a feature in a special exhibition curated by the festival organisers.

What the judges said:

“This stand-alone supplement documented this famous festival from a completely unique viewpoint. It brought it to life from a local angle and was complemented by the wonderful and unique artwork, commissioned to accompany the variety of well-written stories. A beautiful and uplifting supplement”



Cumberland & Westmorland Herald: 160 years

2020 was the 160th anniversary of the Cumberland & Westmorland Herald and a 16-page souvenir special supplement was created to mark the occasion. The format was broadly chronological, from 1860 to the present, with sub-sections including a roll call of editors (eight in 160 years); a picture section from the paper’s long-standing photographer Fred Wilson; and a look ahead to plans for the future. Content rich, the supplement  included a look back through the archives at some of the standout moments in the paper’s history, and that of the East Cumbria community it serves.

What the  judges said:

“We were  really enchanted by the personality shown in this anniversary special. It brought to life a milestone event drawing upon stories over the years.  A deep dive into the photography archive brought up some gems that revealed an overview of local life, a decade at a time. Beautifully put together and well designed it made us wish it was our local newspaper!”



Harry Gregg, Sunday Life

In February 2020 when the great Manchester United goalkeeper Harry Gregg sadly passed away, Northern Ireland lost a national treasure. Harry was an outstanding footballer, winning the Goalkeeper of the Year award at the 1958 World Cup finals in Sweden,  but it was his bravery and selflessness on a cold, dark runway in Munich in February 1958 that endeared him to millions of people throughout the UK, Ireland and beyond. The supplement was a true celebration of his life and times and the souvenir edition was in demand throughout Northern Ireland, the Republic of Ireland and the UK.

What the  judges said:

“A fabulous tribute to a local legend. Tales of his life were brought alive by the stories and anecdotes, as told by his family and friends. The combination of strong photos and great interviews showed the many sides of Harry Gregg – A wonderful tribute to a remarkable man.”



The Northern Echo 150th Anniversary, Northern Echo

This 112-page keepsake supplement was produced to commemorate the 150th anniversary of “the great daily of the north”. It told the story of the newspaper, its evolution and its proud tradition of campaigning for the communities it serves. As well as the Echo’s resident historian and writer, Chris Lloyd, telling the paper’s story from WT Stead in the 1870s to Sir Harold Evans in the 1960s, every living former editor told of their time in the hot seat, with some quite surprising revelations.

What the  judges said:

“This supplement shows how ingrained the Northern Echo has been in local life for a century and a half. From the campaigns to life in the local community, it’s all here to keep and look back on. It also shows the value this local paper brings the community it serves. We have such admiration for the editors who pulled together this mighty 112pp.”



VE Day, The Press and Journal

This pull-out supplement marked the  75th anniversary of VE Day which, against a backdrop of a global pandemic and a nation in lockdown, took place in May 2020. The Press and Journal decided  it was important to talk to as many of the diminishing band of people who are left as possible and discovered some truly poignant and heart wrenching stories in the process. Creating this supplement required determination to reach out to the contributors, many of whom were in their late 80s and 90s, who expressed delight at having the opportunity to chat about their memories. 

What the  judges said:

“This pull-out supplement really got the stories of the people to its readers. From wives back home to a man whose mother dreamed he would live. It brought a long ago day to life for younger and older readers alike. Excellent journalism and a wonderful collection of human interest stories with some great photos, made this a thoroughly enjoyable read.”



We Salute You! The Mail, Barro  

The success of the Clap for Carers events gave the team at The Mail the idea of helping the community to show their appreciation by creating a thank you roll call. This idea was so well received online the concept developed into a one-off special supplement called We Salute You! The supplement helped the paper engage with the community on a different level and led to an increase in newspaper sales and digital growth, becoming a genuine talking point for the community.

What the  judges said:

“This community focused supplement did its utmost to honour everyone possible who played their part during the pandemic. A great example of a supplement in perfect step with its audience, which gave a real feeling of readers and newspaper being as one.”