Telegraph launches Lockdown Awards to celebrate unexpected heroes of the crisis

Posted on: April 24, 2020 by admin

The Telegraph has launched a public-nominated awards scheme for everyday heroes of life under lockdown.

The papers is asking readers ‘who will you remember most for life under lockdown?’ as it aims to celebrate the ‘new stars’ of the community who have ‘become known for uplifting the spirit of those around them’.

An article in today’s paper (April 24) stated: “We’ll all remember our NHS and essential workers goes without saying. They are all heroes, and their hard work and personal sacrifices will resonate long after real life has resumed, when the Thursday night claps have finished and the rainbows have faded.

“It’s the OTHER heroes of life under lockdown that we want to reward – those everyday achievements of friends, neighbours or others we have come across, that we’ve been touched and helped by, or who have kept a smile on our faces, however tough times have got.”

Suggested nominations for community heroes include the DIY stars of the neighbourhood Whatsapp group, the most innovative baker of birthday cakes, or applauding the local farmer’s food donations.

The Telegraph will create shortlist of nominations and ask readers to vote on their favourites, with winners being announced two weeks later.

To send in a nomination for the Lockdown Awards, visit the Telegraph website by May 7.

The paper is also running the Telegraph Coronavirus Appeal for readers to donate money to help those who have been hardest hit financially by the coronavirus crisis.

The money will be donated to the national poverty charity Turn2Us, which gives away millions of pounds each year in direct grants to people in need, as well as providing a wealth of practical information and support via its helpline and website.

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